Eithrig f
Scottish Gaelic: variant of OIGHRIG (SEE Oighrig); See also EIRIC (SEE Eiric).

First names dictionary. 2012.

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  • Aphra — f English: of uncertain origin, perhaps an Anglicization of an Irish name; see AFRICA (SEE Africa), EITHRIG (SEE Eithrig). It could also be a hypercorrected spelling of a Late Latin name, Afra. This was originally an ethnic name for a woman from… …   First names dictionary

  • Eiric — f Scottish Gaelic: variant of OIGHRIG (SEE Oighrig); See also EITHRIG (SEE Eithrig) …   First names dictionary

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  • Oighrig — f Scottish Gaelic: name of uncertain derivation, apparently from an earlier form Aithbhreac meaning ‘new speckled one’. It has commonly been Anglicized as ERICA (SEE Erica), EFRIC (SEE Efric), EFFIE (SEE Effie) and EUPHEMIA …   First names dictionary

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